Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Liberace was born Wladziu Valentino Liberace. Liberace was born into a musical family. His father played the French horn in several bands, including John Phillip Sousa’s Concert Band. As a young child Liberace played the piano. His skills on the piano were so prodigious, that he acquired a music scholarship to The Wisconsin College of Music when he was only seven years old. In the late 40’s, Liberace was signed by Columbia Records and did several recordings. This records helped Liberace attain stardom. During the 1950’s Liberace became a household name, through performances and his appearances in films and television shows. His stardom was so great that he acquired his own television show called “The Liberace Show.” Liberace was famous for his flamboyant shows. He would dress in outrageous ways and had over the top performances. Though this aspect of Liberace’s performances contributed to his fame it also led to a columnist insinuating that Liberace was gay. Liberace’s fame continued until his death in the late 80’s. Liberace captured the hearts of America with his outrageous stage presence. He exemplified the publics infatuation with individualism during the 1950’s, a fad brought about by the fear of the conformity of communism.